Musings on the Right to Copy

Having been assigned to comment on copyrights, plagiarism, etc. in an orientation class, an assignment I had done before, I decided to look behind the law, the ethics and even the moral constraints to glean what I could of the Scriptural and spiritual basis for such social mores.

The right to copy came to be
with proto-generation;
God-giv’n t’was that generous right
without which, extermination.

The first infringement of the Law
of God’s generosity:
“Become like Him” temptation was
But woe, the penalty.

Yet all our knowledge then and since
t’was God’s originally.
We but dis-cover, re-cognize,
stand-under real-ity.

Yet God, to each, His Spirit gives
a bit of his creation,
in-sight into the Truth therein,
all through His in-spiration.

He knows His creatures well and good,
each one must help his brother,
but each must see his little piece,
t’is his, and is no other’s.

Ac-knowledge whence the idea sprang,
at least it’s re-vealation;
for God’s gifts are given to be shared
as we share all creation.

Respect this now we must adhere
to guidelines, laws and do’s,
and though the murky media maze,
the Way, the Light, re-views.

In giving credit credit’s due,
we bow before our Maker;
for in our brother’s sister’s stead,
Infinity’s Partaker.

So copy ye not other’s works,
nor think ye not: “but whether…”,
for ‘hind the gift, the Giver stands
whose judgments are forever.

But ask the Spirit for His help
and venture forth undaunted
Originality’s His gift
to use, not to be flaunted.


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