The Mass

Reflection On  the Occasion of  “Welcome Home Mass” Weekend 2012 for the           “Why I Love the Mass” Rutland Deanery Video

Love it?

I dread it with every fiber of my being.

With Christ, I yell, scream,

plead with the Father,

“If it be possible,

let this cup pass from me,

yet not my will by yours be done.”


The intensity, immensity of this bloody unbloody sacrifice,

the eternal Passion

once for all, and all, and all times,

thousands, millions of times,

and ask “Why”

Death’s haunting echo reverberates

from the chasms of cathedrals, corners of prison camps,

chambers of my soul

the gruesomely wondrous answer: YOU!…YOU!…AND YOU!


The dust and debris of passing weeks

cascade down the aisle,

the specks of goodness

buried in the heap of trash,

and to the altar present

our war-torn tatters…

as sacrifice for the Almighty?


Blind we are as we again present Cain’s sacrifice, so untoward,

the blood of Able’s lamb

rises heavenward

bearing our worthless grain

together trans-mystery behold

made God.


And yet tragic obedience awaits:

“To the Cross!”

we condemn our God

No pity, pulchritude,

or pain unknown…

“Behold your King!”

Greater love than this no Man has,

Than that he lay down his life

For his enemies.


In awe-stricken familiarity,

He descends upon our word

And mediates again a covenant

‘tween Father and us prodigals.

The sickeningly healing tragedy

again unfolds.


Yet unfinished is His task,

His weakened hungry sheep

without their pasture bleat

and of His Phoenix self

Our saving sustenance

to our unworthy palate

heaven’s Lord descends.


Borne up by His almighty hand,

too glory-struck to ere but

grovel at his Throne

now misplaced in each,

we mouth Thanksgiving and our

deaf droned pleas

and swept up in yet

His outward tide

stumble forth

into the breech

to preach the Kingdom once again.


Too great this burden for us to bear.

My cross, like His, too heavy;

alone, impossible; only with him

and comfort from his flock,

His enemies, my friends – enemies, with them

I plod.


With fear and trembling,

love of the Mass

paves roads to Calvary and beyond.