Two things struck me today during mediation and rosary.  Meditation was on Mark’s short version of Jesus in the desert.  It struck me that, in a sense, the desert is an analogy for myself alone, and the temptations, wild beasts both fierce and on the holy mountain, and angels ministering all have a place in me.  It may be my first encounter with Satan or a continuing encounter, but it is an encounter.  My desert experience may not just occur at the beginning of my life but I return to it daily.  It is a fermenting mixture of good and bad…but without the Spirit who led me here and who sustains me, there would indeed be no hope and death in the desert would be inevitable.

It also struck me that there must be a third, assumed but unnamed way to heaven.  Jesus ascended, Mary was assumed, and we are…whatever is the physical passing of the soul’s equivalent of saved on a spiritual level.