“Here I am” vs “I am”

The Grail translation of Ps. 40: 7 is “You do not ásk for sácrifice and ófferings, but an ópen éar. You do not ásk for hólocaust and víctim. Instéad, here am Í.” It struck me that while we say “Here am I,” God simply says “I am.” Ex. 3:14 This brings into stark contrast two realities: (a) There is no “Here” with God, only with us. He is present everywhere; and (b) The “am I” is a somewhat tentative declaration and even could be couched as a question, whereas God’s “I am” is not only declarative; it can even be seen as somewhat imperative. Pieper says, in discussing humility, that it always is in deference to my relation to God, whether directly or in others indirectly. This certainly brings that to the fore.


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