In him was life, and the life was the light of men.

In him was life, and the life was the light of men.
In him was life. The Word was life…not alive…but life itself, that Divine spark of vitality that is the difference between rocks and chemicals and all that is alive. A pulsation toward self-awareness, self-expression, self-being, self-existence. From the microscopic microbe to man, the Divine blows through our bodies as the Spirit of God, continually enlivening, enabling, energizing, each to its own providential end. It is for this that they were created, to fulfill the destiny hardwired into them by God. Only in the instance of man does that life exceed the limits of normal predestination and break free into the realm of choice, willing in accord with or contrary to one’s providential end. Although Goodness is set before us as our destiny, the fruit of the tree poisoned our will and reinforced our choice of naming all things either as they truly are or, unfortunately, as we define them to be. Our share in the creative ability of God corrupted…and Good and Evil no longer were solidified as they are for other creatures, but the distinction became maleable; still terribly distinct, they could be seen as their opposite…and thus, sin entered the world. That is why the Way, the Truth and the Life are One.

The Life was the Light of men, a beacon and a goal. One, yet now shared. Model, Guide and in-able-er, that by which we are able to intuit and incorporate the dicta and imitate the model. On our own, without sharing His life, without Divine Life within us, re-conforming out wills to his plan, His Will, we would wander hopelessly lost.

Push Pause and Pray. Pray thankgiving that in the turmoil of life I have been given the grace, time, opportunity, understanding, love and guidance to welcome, love and nourish that Life, that Light within me. Pray contrition that, in spite of this great gift, or rather, in spite, I have often turned my back on this greatest gift and chosen instead to darkness, the death of sin. Pray mercy, that God in his Goodness would accept my sorrow and help me to stand again, to walk on to the light, hand in hand. Pray awareness, that as I journey, I am cognizant, bewildered and bereft at those who have never had or thrown away their key to happiness, their simple faith in Jesus, their following Him. Pray petition that the Lord of the Harvest would not only send workers for the harvest but Cultivators, Sowers, Planters, Weeders, Rain and Sunshine, Food and Drink to each and every one of His children, especially those most in need of His tending. Pray rejoicing for the knowledge and evidence that your Mercy is a work in the world and that many, many have been welcomed back home. Pray thanksgiving, having come full circle, to continually grow in our adoration, love and affection for you and your awe-some, awe-filled plan of salvation for all. Amen. Alleluia!!!


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