Messiah Idol

So the disciples said to one another, “Has anyone brought him something to eat?” Jn 4:33
In Your Name, Jesus. Guide and inspire me, Holy Spirit, that I may pray as I ought.

I am right in there with the disciples, wondering who gave Him other food we do not know about! The Chuzpah! The idea! The brashness!

I, like the disciples, want to control You, Jesus, to know precisely what You are doing, to whom You are talking, what Your plans are, where You are going. Yet You are always doing things I don’t expect, talking to people I think You shouldn’t talk to, directing things differently from what I anticipated, wandering off the check on the street beggar, the dying derelict, the wounded felon. What kind of Messiah are You?

I find it much easier to conjure up in my mind the image of the Messiah I would have You be than to accept You as You are…Imagine, someone else bringing You something to eat. Unlike the oft heard phrase: “Not my job,” taking care of my idol Messiah IS my job. At least I want to think it is. That way I can determine what You want me to do, whom I should serve, what is right and what is wrong. You, in You idol form, are a very handy validator of my personal plan of salvation. So, it varies a bit from the one in the Bible.

Mine’s better! I can understand it, control it, foresee its ending. Can I do that with Yours? No. Yours reminds me constantly of You and Peter on the Sea, except I’m Peter and sinking fast. Even when I am walking, I can’t see a thing…Just You, there beside me…no end in sight, the wind and the waves crashing about my feet…is that any way to live a life? I don’t even know where we are or where we are going!

As I said, mine’s better…with a nice tidy beginning, middle and end! None of these excursions into the unknown or intrusions from God knows who.

No more alone time, we guard him night and day. Otherwise He just might go off and provoke those jerks in Jerusalem! And then where would we be! Back to square one with no Messiah Idol!

No more outside bread, got it! Amen. Alleluia!!!